This year, we have partnered with GivenGain, an online fundraising platform. You can raise funds for our partner charity INSPIRO or for a charity of your choice and make your marathon count for others!

INSPIRO is a charity for people with transplanted lungs. Their mission is to acknowledge the rights of people with transplanted lungs and to educate patients who've had a transplant.

The association carries out its mission through the following activities:

- collecting and providing information to patients, family and the public to raise awareness of transplants
- educating patients about life after transplantation
- maintaining the website as a basic means of communication
- cooperation with other similar and similar associations and organizations, and other health, social and other institutions and organizations in the country and abroad in the form of joint actions
- advocating for the rights of people with lung transplants
- encouraging and maintaining collaboration with health professionals by organizing joint meetings and professional meetings
- organizing counseling and education of health professionals
- organizing humanitarian actions
- publishing in accordance with the law

We need your support to continue helping people with transplanted lungs!


How to get started:

  1. Go to our page on GivenGain:
  2. Once you enter the GivenGain website, click on the START FUNDRAISING button.
  3. Sign up with Facebook, or create your own account.
  4. Choose to support our partner charity "INSPIRO" or a charity of your choice
  5. Create your own personalised project page.
  6. Share it with the world and make your marathon count!


How do you make a donation?

If you’d like to support a fundraiser, find their project here and click on ‘Donate’. You can help them reach the top of the fundraising leaderboard! You can also donate directly to a charity by clicking here. Thank you!