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Dear fellow runners


Dear fellow runners, Here we are in week of 30th Zagreb Marathon and we are eagerly awaiting Saturday's start. In order to avoid unnecessary stress, take some time and read the essential information. We start first with the division of the starting packages:


Athletic Hall, Zagreb Fair, Dubrovnik Avenue 15

Wednesday, 28.09. 13:00 – 19:00

Thursday, 29.09. 13:00 – 19:00

Friday, 30.09. 13:00 – 19:00

Trg bana Jelačića, Marathon office - east side of the square behind Manduševac

Saturday, 1st October 09:00 - 12:30

If you are picking up a starting package for others, it is necessary to have a copy of their ID card or confirmation of the paid application. Club representatives can pick up the starting packages for all their members with prior notice in order to prepare them in time.


1st October 2022., Saturday, Zagreb, Ban Jelačić Square

10:00 Kids races

14:00 Garmin 10K Race – 10km race

15:00 Marathon & Half-marathon & Relays

20:30 Lottery

21:00 Concert powered by Ožujsko – Filip Rudan/ Letu štuke

Other information:

Dressing rooms, changing rooms and toilets are located in Kurelčeva Street. The dressing room will be open as early as 12:00 p.m. and has 2,000 designated spots. Later, a meal will be organized in Kurelčeva for all runners in the Podravka (Food company) arrangement, and in the European Square, under Žuja's umbrellas will be draftes Ožujsko beer for all runners. The refreshment for finishers is some 100m from the finish line and is located at the intersection of Bakačeva and Cesarčeva - near the model of the City of Zagreb. We ask everyone after they have passed the finish line, they take over their finisher's medal with a continue walking to the refreshment point. We're waiting for you with a beer and a paste after you take your refreshment.

Start zones:

The start is divided into three zones. The first starting zone is strictly separated and refers to marathon runners who perform on Croatian Championship – blue numbers from 1 to 200, elite runners and runners of the half marathon until 1:20 and marathon runners until 2:50. It refers from the starting gate to Intersport arch.

Second starting zone: half marathon until 1:50; marathon until 3:30; from Intersport arch to Hydra arch

Third starting zone: half marathon slower than 1:50 and marathon slower than 3:30; behind Hydra arch


Predicted time for pace runners – they all will have visible marks:

Marathon:                         Half-marathon:                                Garmin 10K:

3:30                                   1:40                                                 0:50

3:45                                   1:50                                                 0:55

4:00                                   2:00                                                 1:00

4:15                                   2:15                                                 1:05

4:30                                                                                           1:10

Competition Course:

The start and finish of the marathon and half marathon is located in Ban Jelačić Square, the start of the Garmin 10K race is also in Ban Jelačić Square, and the finish line is in the European Square. On the course, refreshment stations are provided, in order of 4.5km; 9.2km; 14.1km; 17.8km (half marathon and marathon), 21.2km; 25.6km; 30.3km; 35.2km; and 38.9km (marathon). On the refreshments there is water, iso drink, bananas, oranges and sugar.

The toilettes are also on the course at cca 8,5km, 19,5km and 21,2km


Relay changes will be at the 10th, 20th, and 30th kilometers. Individual shifts will go to each shift with the relay leader, and transport will be organized for going to the 10th and 30th kilometers. All relay team members will receive detailed information directly by email.

10km – TC Maksimir, 20km – Ilica 100, 30km – Maksimirska cesta/Svetošimunska


Find all other information on page 30. Zagrebački maraton | 01.10.2022. (zagreb-marathon.com) and do not forget that upon entering the last runner, we are ready for lottery and after that the rock concert powered by Ožujsko – Filip Rudan and Letu štuke.


See you!


Zagreb Marathon Team

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