Prize money

Local marathon runners 22.000 HRK (net amount)

Male Female
1st place 5.000 HRK 5.000 HRK
2nd place 3.000 HRK 3.000 HRK
3rd place 2.000 HRK 2.000 HRK
4th place  1.000 HRK  1.000 HRK
SUM 11.000 HRK 11.000 HRK


Citizens race 12.000 HRK (net amount)

Male Female
1st place 3.000 HRK 3.000 HRK:
2nd place 2.000 HRK 2.000 HRK
3rd place 1.000 HRK 1.000 HRK
SUM 6.000 HRK 6.000 HRK

Awarding regulations

  • You can get awards based only on the one base, competitor can choose what base does he prefer more.
  • Prize money is paid out only on bank account for all competitors. Payment is in the gross amount
  • All competitors who win money prize can not get award according to categories.
  • Prize money is same for man and woman, what means: they get awards from 1.-16. place in marathon, 1.-6. place in halfmarathon and 1.-5- place for local marathon runners.
  • All competitors who ran according to propositions 2.30 man and 2.45 woman can get refund for transport costs in amount of 200 EUR (with enclosed ticket), only if they live at the distance longer than 250 km from Zagreb. Payment is in the netto amount.
  • All competitors need to present their refreshment to organizator, so he could put it at right refreshment station. It is forbidden to consume any refreshment with out organizator knowing.
  • Organizator can disqualify competitor, if he does not behave according to rules.
  • For all competitors in categories for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, organizator will ensure gift packet.
  • Time limit for the marathon is 5 hours and in that time organizator will ensure all necessary conditions.
  • For all competitors who ran in time 2:30 (man) and 2:45 (woman) organizator will ensure free hotel accomodation.
  • Organizator will figuratively award all runners who ran 15, 20, 25, 30 sequentially marathons.
  • If more than one competitor run route record or Jack pot, award gets only 1st place.
  • All participants are running on their own responsibility.
  • Awards according to categories are sponsor\’s gift packets.