We did the first official training for the 30th Zagreb Marathon. About a hundred of you enjoyed the company of our Olympian Matea Parlov Koštro, and her coach Slavko Petrović and his team were in charge of the training.

The weather served us well and this Jarun evening is a great overture for everything that awaits us this season. Our sponsor Garmin delighted each of you with a special gift, and the three happiest ones won prize entries:

Dominik Orehoci - marathon

Vanda Misović - half-marathon

Azra Džanko – Garmin 10K

We believe that the training suited you, and we have the next gathering on May 5 (Thursday) in Ljubljana. This is another novelty this year and cooperation with the Ljubljana Marathon. As we announced yesterday, we will take the 50 fastest in applications (for training) to Ljubljana for training, and colleagues from Slovenia will come to us for the third training at the end of May

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