The start of the marathon and half marathon is divided into three zones.
The first starting zone: it is strictly separated and refers to marathon runners competing at PH - numbers from 1 to 200, elite runners and half marathon runners with an estimated running time of up to 1:20 and marathon up to 2:50. It refers from the starting gate to the 1st starting arch.
Second starting zone: half marathon up to 1:50; marathon by 3:30; between the 1st and 2nd starting arc
Third starting zone: half marathon slower than 1:50 and marathon slower than 3:30; behind the 3rd starting arc

Predicted time for pace runners – they all will have visible marks:

Marathon:          Halfmarathon:           Garmin 10K:

3:30                       1:40                            0:50

3:45                       1:50                            0:55

4:00                      2:00                             1:00

4:15                       2:15                            1:05

4:30                                                          1:10


The start and finish of the marathon and half-marathon is located on Trg bana Jelačića. Relays start with marathoners and half-marathoners (runner of the first section). The start of the Garmin 10K race is also at Trg ban Jelačić as before, and now the finish line is also at Trg ban Jelačić.

Refreshment stations are planned on the trail, each 4.5 km long; 9.2 km; 14.0km; 17.8 km (half marathon and marathon), 21.2 km; 25.6 km; 30.3 km; 35.1 km; and 38.9 km (marathon). Refreshments include water, iso drink, bananas, oranges and sugar.

Toilets are also located on the path - Av. Gojka Šuška (approx. 8.5 km) and Trg Francuske Republike (approx. 17.5 km) and Kurelčeva/Jurišićeva (approx. 21.2 km).


Dressing room - Kurelčeva street, free for runners
WC – Kurelčeva Street and Public City Toilet in Cesarčova (no charge)
Refreshment and meal after the race - Barilla pasta, Ožujsko beer, Jana water and fruit at the finish line


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