Garmin Forerunner 265light, bright and made for all distancesPrepare for your next 10K race or half marathon and strategize your marathon performance with a competition widget, personalized daily training suggestions, a training readiness score, advanced training parameters and a recovery view, and more. With Forerunner 265, you can predict your time to complete a distance based on course, weather and performance data.

The advanced smart GPS running watch in two sizes, for wide and narrow wrists, allows every look at the watch to shine on the color color amoled touch screen u boji osjetljivom na dodir.

Get sleep reviews and exercise outlook as soon as you wake up – along with heart rate variability status and weather. The battery provides up to 13 days of power in smartwatch mode.

You can take running to a higher level of enjoyment with music on your wrist.

This smartwatch measures important running parameters such as cadence,, stride length,ground contact time, and also continuously measures your heart rate on your wrist to help you gauge your level of exertion during activities.

Gain an in-depth understanding of your overall health, recovery and exercise performance using heart rate variability during sleep. See your current fitness level and track your progress as you pursue your goals. Find out if you are having a calm, balanced or stressful day.

The Forerunner 265 comes preloaded with free workouts like HIIT, strength training, cardio, yoga, and pilates. Go on a trip without any problems without cash or card, with Garmin Pay payment is easy, safe and fast. Friends and family can track your location in real time and view pre-planned routes.


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