If you happen to have the urge to dance and run on the busiest roads (which would be the case if the traffic was not closed during the Zagreb Marathon) or you have no idea why you should hold on to the electric lines on the roof of tram number 14 (which we do not recommend at all, dangerous for life!), maybe everything is fine with you after all and only the words of the song Tango by Vatra are echoing in your head.

We will not go into how legal or safe the actions from the said song are, but if Tango was and remains a hit, it is, together with the songs Tremolo in a duet with Damir Urban, We are not in a hurry, which they sang with the late Massimo and many others.

You will be able to enjoy these songs (we hope they will play them, we don't have a set list) on Saturday, October 7 at 8 p.m. at Ban Josip Jelačić Square as part of the warm-up for the 31st Zagreb Marathon.

So you know the process - pick up your number, take a walk and come to the concert... and dance the Tango through the green. not red... not to earn a ticket from the traffic police 🙂

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